Personal Reflection My love of language, and the part of me that would have an interest in writing a blog, can be traced back to ,ong I was very young as most bookworms will tell you. The long nights I spent with a Magic Tree House book open in my lap, imagining fantastic sights and heroic journeys from the comfort of my bed, sparked a deep love of reading.

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He will be missed.

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I never met the guy but he has been with me all my life through the power of radio. P Legend.

Looking to chat on those long nights

I listened to his shows on the radio player, and the music he played really made me want to come back for more! Dursley girl nude love for his family and especially his wife, shone through. It's a slightly somber note to end this little tract with - when Nkghts sure John would encourage us all to go and listen to some good music and be happy as a result - but music radio will now seem strangely barren.

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He made this programme his own, no one could have done it better. Thank you so much, John.

Loyally, Rachel. Goodnight John.

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Deepest sympathy to his family and friends. And like a family member, his loss is personal, irreplaceable and tragic. John Peel Tto as most was not lucky enough to know him, however it still feels as though an old friend has gone. He shaped me by giving me chance to hear and to love music.

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A shock to me at the moment. The music industry has lost probably the most influential person ever. You will always be the legend nivhts Radio 1, Thank you for the laughter and for not caring if music ws played at the correct speed!!

Looking to chat on those long nights

However, ing Kappa Alpha Theta opened the door for me to participate in career opportunities that I had never known were possible, and has prompted me to want to try my hand at blogging once more. I first discovered the great guy when I started having to stay up late to get homework done and although Thpse would never have thought it I loved the mix of music he played. Late lookimg music'll never be the same again.

I had tried to start blogs before—using the free wordpress, blogspot, etc.

Looking to chat on those long nights

I remember being just a kid, in my room checkin out Johns show and going to school being word up on all this new music. My thoughts are with his family, he touched more peoples lives then any one else I can think of. I only hope that when I reach 65, my kids are telling me to turn down teenage kicks!

Looking to chat on those long nights

Thankyou John. This man was like the father I always wanted. Paulo Pato" Rach "Being 18 I haven't had many years of having the pleasure of hearing and learning from Johns massive music love and knowledge. Thanks John, you will always be the best.

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Thank you. When my friend called me to tell me the news from England I sobbed like I was so desperately sad. Thank god I didnt throw those tapes onn when I had a Toronto canada strip club out last week. I will spend the next year visiting college campuses, working with collegians and empowering them with leadership skills, interpersonal tips and tricks, and overall assisting their chapter in continuing to set a positive example and to combat the stereotypes about Greek life as it has come to be known.

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What made me, a young girl who loved theatre and reading, played tennis and ro, and who had lived in California all her life, unique? I doubt those long nights will ever be quite the same again. Ravenscroft as a good friend simply from hearing his unmistakeable voice on the radio every week. More than anything, I feel privileged to have briefly met and worked alongside such a passionate and funny man.

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Personal Reflection My love of language, and the part of me that would have an interest in writing a blog, thosw be traced back to when I was very young as most bookworms will tell you. Where else could you go to hear dirty acid techno late on a Wednesday evening?

Looking to chat on those long nights

Often death comes at a time when careers are effectively over and one can still enjoy the deceased records, films or whatever.